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In 2005, Lori and Shayne’s much-loved, 4 year old dog, Ty, was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, Lori was in Colorado taking classes at the time at a school with one of the top veterinary programs in the country. Since the cancer was localized (fibrosarcoma), Ty underwent a radical surgery (a hemipelvectomy or amputation of his leg and half his hip) to remove the cancer. Concerned about the cancer’s reoccurrence, Lori and Shayne dug into the literature and confirmed the importance of a protein based diet for dogs fighting cancer.

Remembering back, this wasn’t the first time they had wondered about Ty’s food. A year before, Ty experienced gastric torsion (i.e., bloat). Thanks again to an amazing veterinary response, Ty was running and playing in no time. What causes bloat is unknown but, then again, Ty was never a big fan of processed kibble anyway. Lori and Shayne often had to pour gravy or mix in special treats to get Ty to eat his food. So, they began feeding Ty an exclusively raw diet. Since then, Ty no longer needs to be coaxed into eating, in fact, he barks at them to fed him (hey, they make dog food, no one said they were good at training!). Ty’s coat, ears and weight are healthy, he’s never had an allergy problem, and he has few digestive upsets (i.e., no gas!). Oh, and did we mention Ty just turned 9 years old!

In addition to VT Raw, Lori works as an epidemiologist in the public health field and is completing her PhD in environmental health. Shayne works as an environmental scientist studying rivers and volunteers for a number of local organizations. Ty spends most of his days bossing Lori and Shayne around insisting on a cookie, a game of soccer, a walk, or, of course, dinner.

Jennifer and Marc moved from Utah to Vermont in 2004 with their two rescued dogs, Tex and Juneau. Tex, whom Jennifer found at a Texaco gas station in Fillmore UT while on a field trip for work, had been surviving on her own for some time. Under the dirt and dust a little britanny spaniel mix was found and despite an unfavorable veterinary prognosis, Tex’s charisma and tenacity ultimately proved to be no match for such a bleak outlook. After a successful agility career, Tex is presently retired and now enjoys short walks and quality time on the couch. Juneau is the clever border collie mix that was found in the mountains above Logan UT. While not as interested in agility as Tex, Juneau always wants to go for walks and chase squirrels and other rodents. As they will personally attest, Tex and Juneau love Vermont Raw Pet Food.

Jennifer and Marc met Shayne and Lori in October of 2007 and became business partners in Vermont Raw shortly thereafter. Jennifer and Marc both come from Science and Engineering backgrounds and both are employed as engineers. As business partners in Vermont Raw, Jennifer is primarily focused on directing operations, product delivery, public relations, and market analysis while Marc provides assistance in production and facilities maintenance as well as market analysis, and quality assurance.