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Frequently Asked Questions

“Aren’t chicken and turkey bones dangerous?”

Yes, COOKED poultry bones are dangerous because they are brittle and can splinter. In addition, they lack nutritional value. RAW bones, however are flexible, digestible and extremely nutritious!

“Can my pet get salmonella or E.Coli poisoning from raw meat?”

Dogs and cats have a very specialized digestive system. Their stomach fluids are more acidic and they have a shorter digestive tract. This allows them to process raw meat faster not allowing salmonella and E.Coli to colonize. The fact that they can bury a bone, dig it up weeks later and eat the rotting meat is evidence of this.

“Is Vermont Raw missing rice, corn and other grains?”

Most of the calories in dry processed kibble come from carbohydrates (rice, corn, etc.). These ingredients are used because they are “cheap filler” giving bulk to the food. They provide little nutritional value since it is difficult for dogs and cats to assimilate and digest large amounts of carbohydrates. Ideally, energy should come from fat and protein, exactly the source in the raw diet!