About Us

Our Mission

At Vermont Raw, our mission is to provide pet owners the opportunity to feed their dogs and cats a biologically appropriate, high quality food that promotes the best health and growth and ensures longevity while supporting Vermont farms and maintaining environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

Made With Locally Sourced Ingredients

All of the meat, bones, and organ meat comes from VT farms

  • Misty Knoll Farm

    Naturally raised turkeys and chickens in New Haven, Vermont
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  • Stonewood Farm

    A family owned turkey farm in Orwell, Vermont
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Compostable Containers

Our 4lb. tubs are certified compostable, eco-friendly, soak proof and freezer safe. Composts in 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting facility.

Compostable containers by WORLD CENTRIC

"Vermont Raw is all my dogs will eat. Thank you for making such an incredible product."

Our History

Lori and Shayne

In 2005, Lori and Shayne’s much-loved, 4 year old dog, Ty, was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, Lori was in Colorado taking classes at the time at a school with one of the top veterinary programs in the country. Ty underwent a radical surgery (a hemipelvectomy or amputation of his leg and half his hip) to remove the cancer. Concerned about the cancer’s reoccurrence, Lori and Shayne dug into the literature and confirmed the importance of a protein based diet for dogs fighting cancer.

People and dogs playing in the snow

Remembering back, this wasn’t the first time they had wondered about Ty’s food. A year before, Ty experienced gastric torsion (i.e., bloat). Thanks again to an amazing veterinary response, Ty was running and playing in no time. Studies suggest processed kibble can cause bloat and what causes bloat is unknown but, then again, Ty was never a big fan of processed kibble anyway. Lori and Shayne often had to pour gravy or mix in special treats to get Ty to eat . So, they began feeding Ty an exclusively raw diet and the coaxing ended. Ty’s coat, ears and weight were always healthy. He never had an allergy and had few digestive upsets (i.e., no gas!). Ty lived to be 13 years old, 6 years beyond the life expectancy for a Bernese.

Jen and Marc

Jennifer and Marc moved from Utah to Vermont in 2004 with their two rescued dogs, Tex and Juneau. Tex, whom Jennifer found at a Texaco gas station in Fillmore UT while on a field trip for work, had been surviving on her own for some time. Under the dirt and dust a little britanny spaniel mix was found and despite an unfavorable veterinary prognosis, Tex’s charisma and tenacity ultimately proved to be no match for such a bleak outlook. Juneau was a clever border collie mix that was found in the mountains above Logan UT. Jennifer and Marc met Shayne and Lori in October of 2007 and became business partners in Vermont Raw shortly thereafter.


Time has passed and so have all the original Vermont Raw dogs. New dogs have come into our lives and all have been fed Vermont Raw from pups. Lori and Shayne now have a spirited Newfoundland named Mellie. Jen and Marc have three border collies named, Nisa, Mac, and Jes.